📚 My Year in Books 2021

Posted: Dec 23, 2021 in Book Reviews
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Top 3 reads which made the biggest impact:

1. The Mindset of Success by Jo Owen

“The most important mindset for a successful career is learning and growth. If you stay still, you will fail.”

2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Once you’ve made the journey into the Now, you will no longer have problems (only situations) as nothing exists outside of the Now.

3. Stepping Up by Sarah Wood

What makes a good leader has changed over time, from being a dominant personality and didactic style to having leadership qualities of courage, kindness, trust, authenticity and empathy.

Thanks to all of the authors for sharing their wisdom, and thanks to my connections for sharing their book recommendations and inspiring learning experiences throughout the year.

Hope everyone has a nice festive break and a great learning experience next year.

  1. Amy Ryan says:

    Hi Gavin, I recently read Human Powered after reading your review. I found the content about active listening and conflict management particularly useful and relevant. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your posts and recommendations, keep them coming please!

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    • Hi Amy, great to hear you also found Human Powered helpful. Thanks for the note and feedback, appreciate it. What book have you got up next to read?

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      • Amy Ryan says:

        Hi Gavin, any time. I genuinely enjoy your content. I just recently finished “When Kale and Coffee Compete” by Alan Klement. It had some interesting and varied case studies of businesses using the Jobs To Be Done framework to understand how to progress their customers lives. The only limitation with the book is that it didn’t really cover how to measure that progress…
        I will have to catch up on your posts to find my next product read!

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