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Using a DSP on a self service basis lets you set your own rules and strategy structure therefore site remarketing strategies should be completely separate from prospecting. It’s essential to separate them as the KPIs and strategy between prospecting and CRM are so different (similar to brand and generic search) – it’s a classic way of how a lot of ad networks used to over represent the real prospecting display results by including remarketing strategies within prospecting campaign results.

From remarketing site visitors who have bounced, to remarketing high value customers, the set-up should be bespoke to the segment. The further you get in the user journey, the less cookies there will be allowing you to be able to afford to be more aggressive as there’s less risk of budget getting out of control, also the further your customers get in the journey, the more you want to keep them (as their value increases):

Let’s start with remarketing people who have visited but not registered their details – a tight frequency should be implemented and reasonably low CPM.

Dependent on your user journey you should then split out your remarketing strategies by segment (which should all be list in your cookie CRM database) eg. Age, gender, country, product, user level – as the segment becomes more valuable to your business, the frequency cap should be loosened and CPM increased.

As well as the media strategies, the likes of creative and ongoing promotions are crucial for success in this area – it’s not going to help serving your high value customers banners telling them to sign up again or promote an out of date offer. A reminder of what’s currently available, what’s just launched, cross sell, RAF, special offers and what’s coming soon are the basics.

Remember, the harder you work on CRM and generally looking after your customers to avoid them leaving, the more you can afford to pay for new customers which has a positive effect on the incremental volume you can drive (referring to the classic volume price curve).


Claims have been made that you can achieve search performance with display prospecting campaigns via DSPs and some say that display isn’t a DR channel and you shouldn’t just accept post click conversions.

Referring back to a typical volume price curve and the fact that DSPs are now available, it is certainly possible to setup separate DR prospecting display strategies which perform on par with other digital channels such as Facebook and paid search but at the expense of a fraction of the volume.

There are a few ways to achieve this:

1. Setup separate ‘spend’ strategies where you’re throttling the CPM as low as 15 cent.

2. Auto optimising on post click conversions only and the algorithm will only spend if it thinks it will hit the CPA

3. Look at all post click data from previous DSP prospecting and remarketing strategies setting up separate ‘spend’ strategies across areas eg. OS, browser, time of day, publisher….. which index highly / placements which hit your CPA goal.

Just because something is trackable ie. post view conversions, it doesn’t mean that you should accept them all. Also quite a lot of businesses simply don’t have the infrastructure to manage log level data and therefore be able to ignore post view conversions which weren’t even viewed.

Due to various strict policies which both Google and Facebook enforce such as gambling regulation, certain industry sectors would find display to be more valuable as display has minimal restrictions on what you can and can’t do.

There is also a case of ‘why bother with display DR’ knowing that you have to invest in decent DR creative, have access to a DSP and a display adserver and at the end of it all you get minimal conversions compared to other digital channels. My take on it is that it’s a growth area and volume will only increase in the future. Also having a multi channel media strategy is more powerful than focusing on the status quo.

Although many CEOs continue to unnecessarily obsess with banner ads because it’s the most visual way of demonstrating your product creative wise, if as a business you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to seek out all viable opportunities.