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DMP’s 2.0

Posted: Jul 21, 2013 in Business, Data, Marketing
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DMP’s have been around for decades but the acronym only started getting banded around the ad industry recently.

DMP’s up until recently pretty much included only back end data which was overlayed with a visualisation tool such as QlikView or Omniscope. Typically media planner buyers and marketing execs used to use adservers to pull off basic performence reports as all costs were flat ie. Not biddable and held within the adserver.

Since programmatic buying became more popular, media buyers have been spending a significant amount of time pulling data together from different sources just to see how campaigns are performing – combining bid tool, adserver and back end data manually.

Programmatic media buyers should be spending as much time as possible setting up strategies and optimising campaigns rather than spending days merging data or reconciling costs.

Clearly things needed to change and they have started to, resulting in programmatic buyers having to work closer than ever to the database team who manages the DMP.

Due to this change, the volume of work load and briefs to deal with data has tripled over night for data teams. To deal with the new data demand from marketing, it’s essential to have incremental resource to deal with the additional work because otherwise it will either take years to get done or get done in a shoddy way.

Allowing marketing the extra data resource to support a data led marketing strategy is essential for business success. A DMP should now include log level data updated in real time / within three hours as standard including:

  • Back end data showing cohort conversion and revenue data
  • Paid Search bid tool spend and impression / click data
  • Social Media bid tool and fan page spend and impression / click data
  • Display bid tool spend and impression / click data
  • Banner inview data
  • CRM email impression / click data
  • Affiliate spend and impression / click data
  • Natural Search impression / click data with any flat agency fee attached
  • Mobile spend and click data
  • TV spots and any other offline channel activity with the relevant spend and volumes attached
  • Adserver data incl. adserving fee making all channel spends fully loaded
  • Site traffic data
  • Weather data
  • Competitor exposure data
  • Site / product issue data

All of this data is essential for knowing exactly what is happening across the business and why. With a click of a button marketing should be able to view real time campaign performance (CPA and projected ROI) across all campaigns and channels as well as impact of what branding, weather, competitor activity and any site / product downtime has on revenue / acquisitions. Also user journey analysis from first touch point to last and the key five attribution models should be built out from the data which all take into account CRM.

Without this, marketing cannot be expected to grow the business profitably.