Escaping the Build Trap

Posted: Jul 3, 2022 in Book Reviews, Business, Product Management
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This book by Melissa Perri gives a great view on what it takes to transform a business towards achieving sustainable growth by developing, optimising, and scaling the product organisation.

“Product managers connect the dots. They take input from customer research, expert information, market research, business direction, experiment results, and data analysis. Then they sift through and analyze that information using it to create a product vision that will help to further the company and to solve customer’ needs.”

“Product ownership is just a piece of product management.”

“You need the discipline to move toward organizing for products over projects. Companies that optimize their products to achieve value are called product-led organizations.”

“Product-led companies understand that the success of their products is the primary driver of growth and value for their company.”

“Having a strong product leader in the C-Suite is a critical step to becoming product-led. Unfortunately, there are not many CPOs available on the market at the moment.”

“Whenever I start a new training or workshop, I say to product managers, “Raise your hand if you went back and iterated in the last thing you shipped.” Normally, 15-20% of the people raise their hands. My next question is, “How do you know that what you shipped was successful?” The answer here usually revolve around meeting a deadline and finishing with bug-free code.”

A recommendation for anyone with ‘product’ in their job title, and CEOs.

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