Top 7 DSPs

Posted: Jun 13, 2013 in Marketing
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The search is over and the best DSP on the planet has been found.

Taking into account global resource, data centre locations, commercials, minimum spends, targeting options, QPS, UI, reporting, sources plugged in, a list of the top DSPs has been put together.

MediaMath have a good combination of most key elements such as internal expertise for advance setups, they tap into all sources as a priority so they have the most reach available out of all DSPs and have an advanced algorithm that does what it says on the tin. They are also flexible on the commercials allowing you to build your volume up overtime with little risk. This strategy also gives you an idea of the kind of client service they provide which is at an exceptional level.

DoubleClick Bid Manager have certainly improved since moving onto the Google stack tapping into more sources than ever. They still cannot tap into FBX though and are locked out from certain publishers due to being under the ‘Google’ umbrella. As you’d expect, they do have the most superior QPS which is certainly an advantage when it comes to display CRM.

Turn were very slow getting a data centre in Europe and they have a long way to go but they are still a very respectable DSP.

DoubleClick Bid Manager
  1. Dark Knight says:

    Why does Appnexus feature so low?


  2. Gary says:

    May I ask how experienced you are in this area? I’m asking not because I want to insult or harass you, just because I have a slightly different opinion on this, but I’m not an expert in any way.


  3. Will says:

    What about X+1, what’s their disadvantage over MediaMath? Which platforms have you personally used? Thanks so much for the article!


  4. Will says:

    To give you some context to my above questions, we’ll only be bidding in the United States and Western Canada, so global capabilities are not important to us. We’re looking to leverage PMB as well.

    Any feedback would be great!


  5. simon says:

    Hi, good article. I’m often asked about the different “reach available through various DSPs. Do you know how they compare in this respect? Is there a listing anywhere comparing total inventory available through each DSP perhaps?


    • From my experience MediaMath had the highest reach / UUs especially with their FB and video integrations. Turn and Appnexus also have an impressive reach followed by DBM who are funnily enough restricted by ADX more than other DSPs. The remainder have fairly similar.


  6. Emperor says:

    I also think that reach is one measure but quality of reach is a very important consideration. I have traffic blocked from so many publishers on campaigns because it just doesn’t work. I wish the DSPs would patrol a little better about placement.

    With that said RTB/Retargeting is awesome. If you don’t do it, start!


  7. Great ranking but I think Google Bid Manager should be at the top now in 2015.


  8. Vion says:


    I am new in this DSPs service. I am looking into Google DoubleClick and Rocketfuel (X+1) and I wonder what are the key differences or unique selling point for these two?

    I am situated in Singapore (outside of States).


  9. Mallik G N says:

    May I know how much you guys usually bid for CPM ?


    • Hi Mallik, it really does depend on the type of inventory, level of targeting and format you’re bidding on as a banner could be from 1p to £30 CPM and video 50p to £30 CPM for example.

      CPM should be irrelevant though and the focus should be on achieving your CPA or kpi goals letting the DSP algorithm determine the bid it needs to hit the kpi.


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