Correlation between banner in view rate and bid price

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Data, Marketing
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If you’re keen to ensure that your banner ads are making an impact, you need to ensure that the banners are first and foremost in view / have a high possibility of being viewed.

If you’re wondering why there is no correlation between impressions or post view conversion volume with bottom line acquisitions, then it’s a high possibility that around 60% of ads aren’t even in view.

So the general census is the higher the CPM, the higher the in view rate right, yet from a study which has been done across a DSP, this is not strictly true:

When delivering impressions at an increment of 20 cent from 15 cent up to $1.50 CPM, it was found that the average in view rate (55%) was pretty much completely flat and if anything as the price went up, the in view rate went down.

Interestingly though as you’d expect, when running the same strategies across above the fold inventory across the same pricing structure, the in view rate significantly goes up to 70% although it’s still flat across all bid prices.

Based on these facts, the data suggests that above the fold inventory which is becoming more and more available is a more cost efficient way at driving impacts / views than simply increasing your bid price.

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