Prospecting high value customers via DSPs

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Data, Marketing
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Customer lifetime value / ARPU can look dramatically different across the full customer database therefore the ideal scenario would be to optimise only towards high value customers (lookalike targeting).

All you need is a DSP (due to reach, inventory aggregation and optimisation algorithm (which has a brain visualisation report)) as well as having the ability to implement the DSP pixel on a page where your high value customers visit (either conditionally firing a pixel based on variables or simply a premium product page – min. of 200 total global pixel fires a day required recommended)). Once the prospecting strategy sets off, the algorithm will reward the campaign with a conversion event every time someone views / clicks on a banner and then fits within the relevant criteria where the pixel would fire. The algorithm will then deliver prospecting ads that fit within the same internet surfing behaviour and demographic as your high value customers.

There are over 350 million websites in the world and when you duplicate that number to take into account sections of sites, browser, OS, time of day, device, day of week, above / below the fold, internet speed, country, ad format then that’s a hell of a lot of data for even a team of people to manage and manually optimise against for one client throughout the day, which is why an advanced algorithm which has an auto optimisation feature is recommended.

By looking at the brain visualisation report there is the option to also set-up separate manual strategies where you can view a list of targeting options which correlate with your high value customers on an index value basis.

As we know, display is a mixture between BR and DR and falls higher up the funnel than affiliates and generic search so when it comes to looking at ROI and optimising, it would be a good idea to firstly not accept any impressions which have not been ‘in view’ and then accept 1 to 7 days post view and 30 days post click conversion – the whole concept here is to deliver prospecting banners to the right person at the right time and in the right environment.

If you’re interested to find out more, get in touch with MediaMath who offer the best service when it comes to this strategy.

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